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Fallen Earth Thanksgiving menus put the epic in epicurean

For many, Thanksgiving is now either fading off into our memories, or only remains as a pile of leftovers wedged in the back of the fridge. In Fallen Earth, it was a bit more sparse in terms of celebration, but there were those brave souls who did try to gather together new frontier foodstuffs into a vaguely palatable holiday meal. After some time spent judging, the Fallen Earth team announced the winners of their nomtastic Thanksgiving Menu Contest recently. Despite the fact that the chefs were all dealing with mutated, irradiated food, several entrants still managed to whip up menus that actually sounded pretty good!

Sure, the simple, everyday Flat Beer was to be found in abundance, but after a vote, Reko Takeda of the Lotus Clan was the one whose cuisine reigned supreme. The winning menu not only sounded tasty, but even considered various interesting options, including a "children's menu" for the not-so-discerning CHOTA palette. So if you're in the mood for a good Fallen Earth holiday laugh, be sure to look over all the different menus that were submitted. Who knows -- there are other events looming. Perhaps their post-apocalyptic treats will inspire you to make something delicious for your clan. Alternately, they may just put you off the idea of eating altogether. You'll just have to read and see.

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