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GameStop beams down Star Trek Online Collector's Edition info (plus, new trailer!)


Klingons aren't the only thing in the galaxy you should fear, as your inner desire for paraphernalia and in-game items could push you over the edge to purchase the Star Trek Online Collector's Edition from GameStop. The online retailer details the $80 package as including a small, metal Communicator Badge, an in-game Red Matter Capacitor that gives all of your ships a little extra energy and exclusive Next Generation and Deep Space Nine uniforms for your crew. You'll also score some guest passes for a few friends and a deluxe, hardcover manual and requisite special packaging.

Above, you can check out a new trailer showing off some of the ship-based combat and, should you desire a look at the full Collector's Edition packaging, you can make it so by engaging past the break.

[Via Big Download]

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