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Namco launches iPhone Ace Combat Xi, updates Garters & Ghouls with 3GS compass


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Namco announced two notable iPhone launches today. Garters & Ghouls, its 19th-century twin stick zombie shooter, has been updated with iPhone 3GS compass functionality -- the first game, Namco Networks claims, to make use of the feature. Now, physically moving and rotating the phone to face different directions will help locate powerups in the game. The update is free for those who already have the game, and will be included in new downloads of the $4.99 title.

The other new release: Ace Combat Xi: Skies of Incursion, which brings the long-lived flight franchise to iPhone. We found that the controls worked just fine during our brief look at the game at TGS, but have yet to delve into the full game. It's featured at a $4.99 sale price for its first five days.

Garters & Ghouls ($4.99) Garters & Ghouls
Ace Combat Xi ($4.99) ACE COMBAT Xi Skies of Incursion

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