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Nav apps keep updating, adding features

Mel Martin

Today it's CoPilot live, continuing a holiday sale price of U.S. $24.99 [iTunes link] through the end of December. We've had a look at the app before. It is good for a low-cost app, but the database seems a bit out of date and the POI list is limited. The new version adds live traffic, local search and fuel prices for an extra $19.95. The new features are for 12 months only, and then you would have to renew. The new features make up for the POI omissions, but it costs extra to solve the problem.

As all these GPS apps race to add features and keep prices down, we all benefit. And of course, we're still holding our breath to see if the new Google Navigator app makes it through the Apple approval gauntlet. With word that Apple has bought a mapping technology company and wants to beef up mapping, the Google app may never see the light of day.

We'll be doing a roundup with our views on the best GPS solutions for the holidays, so stay tuned.

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