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The Queue: Introductions

Alex Ziebart

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

Good afternoon, everyone! As you can see above, I'm pretty much at a loss as to what to write as the intro today. When you write one of these things every other day for, oh... eternity, it gets pretty hard. So I'll pass the intro on to our Editor in Chief today.

Elizabeth Harper wrote...

Welcome back to the Queue, in which Alex is too lazy to write his own intro. So today we've decided to crowdsource it and take one random word from each member of the team.

Those currently online managed to assemble the phrase, "Delicious pants ibuprofen." Now, on with The Queue.

Mordockk asked...

"Do you gain Ashen Verdict Rep from the 10man instance as well as the 25? Any daily quests associated with it?"

There are no daily quests associated with it, no. You do get reputation from both the 10 and 25 man versions of the dungeon though. I might be horribly mistaken on that second point, but I'm 99% sure I've got it right. If one of you readers can prove me wrong, please do. I welcome it.

Chris asked...

"I haven't done any playing on the PTR, is there going to be a flightpath to the Icecrown Citadel instances?"

No, there's no new flight path to those instances. You need to take your flying mount there, or be summoned at the summoning stone. It's not terribly hard to get there once you actually figure out where the instance portals are, though. Either fly there manually from one of the other Icecrown flight points, or mount up in Dalaran and fly straight there.

VelcroLizard asked...

"If patch 3.3 is set to come out next week, why hasn't there been a trailer. Doesn't Blizzard usually put out a trailer before every major content patch?"

We rarely get the trailer far in advance of the patch itself. In fact, the Patch 3.1 trailer, the lead-in cinematic for Ulduar? We didn't get that until 10 PM Eastern time the night before the patch. About five hours later, servers were down for maintenance. That was all the advance notice they gave about the patch dropping, and they didn't even explicitly say it when they gave us the trailer. They let everyone stew.

Who knows, this time around we might not get the trailer until they're already patching. I don't think they have any rules about when they show us these things.

Slaytanic asked...

"Any word yet on when Blizzard is going to institute the deadline to obtain the Ironbound Proto-Drakes?"

Nothing yet. They did say we would get roughly a one month advance notice when they do it, though. We don't have anything to worry about for awhile. I can't say this is absolutely true, but I get the feeling that they're watching closely how many people are getting their mount and are waiting for a certain percentage of the playerbase to get their hands on it. I don't know very many people that finished the previous tier of drakes, so maybe they don't want a repeat of that.

Again, that's just my interpretation of the situation.

Ian asked...

"Do you have to run the 3 new 5-mans right in a row, or can you come back to the second one after you clear the first mini-instance later in the day with a different group, or are you stuck with the group you have until the daily reset? In other words, does each of the three wings have its own lockout timer? Also, how long does it take to do all three wings back to back?"

Each 'wing' of the instance is a separate dungeon entirely. So yes, each one has its own lockout. To use a pretty classic example, it's just like Scarlet Monastery. There's three "mini" instances right in a row. Clearing one has no impact on the other, except for perhaps quests and narrative.

As for how long it takes... well, it will completely depend on your gear level. I've only done them on PTR premades (which are only slightly better geared then my main, actually) and it's pretty darn fast. I would say maybe the Pit of Saron will take you more than 30 minutes, but the other two won't. An hour and a half to do all three? Around there.

Chaoticwhizz asked...

"Are demonology warlocks viable for endgame instances or PvP? I really like my felguard."

Sure. In 5-mans, your spec doesn't matter too much at all, as long as you can fill your chosen role. In a raid, Demonology brings some strong buffs and debuffs to the table that free up some of your other raiders to do other things. Make sure you check our our warlock column, Blood Pact. He's covered some of these details for you, including those buffs I just mentioned.

PvP, I want to say yes because of things like Soul Link, but it's been so long since I've done any arena PvP that if I told you I knew for sure, I'd be lying. Hopefully someone can help out in the comments below. Dear readers, is Demonology still viable in PvP?

Omner asked...

"I recently joined the elite community of iPhone owners and the second app I downloaded was the Battle.Net authenticator (the first was the WoW armory). I linked up the authenticator with my main's account, that has guild bank access and most of my gold, but I also share my girlfriend's account which is starting to show some promise. Is there any way to link the authenticator to two different accounts at the same time?"

Yes, you can add one authenticator to multiple accounts. As many accounts as you want, even. Just repeat the process with each account, using the same authenticator serial key for all of them.

However, if it's your girlfriend's account, be warned that she'll need your mobile authenticator every time she wants to log in. You might be better off getting her one of her own, unless you're there with her literally every time she logs into the game.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column! Leave your questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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