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Gearbox files trademark for familiar-sounding 'Borderworlds' [update]

We can't put our finger on it, but for some reason, Gearbox's recent trademark filing for the title Borderworlds sounds awfully familiar. Oh, that's right! It released that other game with the eerily similar title earlier this year, Border ... wait. Borderareas. Or was it Borderlocales? Borderlands? No, wait, it was Borderregions. Yeah, definitely Borderregions.

Following yesterday's positive comments from the Take-Two conference call, a sequel to the fastest-selling new IP of 2009 certainly seems like a natural next step. However, considering a world is considerably larger than a land ... or region, Gearbox could be planning something appropriately larger in scope than the series' first installment. Or, it could simply be covering its titular bases, as appears to be the case with the "War Hero" trademarks filed earlier this year.

Update: Apparently, the Borderworlds trademark was filed back in 2007. Apologies for the confusion!

[Via superannuation]

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