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PsiXpda 3G UMPC hits the UK, reminds us of a PDA we had 14 years ago


It looks like we weren't the first to think that the DigiCube MIDPhone-50 looked awfully familiar. The Psion Series 5 PDA, you may recall, featured the same sliding-clamshell design back in 1995 -- and its still a beloved gadget among many folks overseas (though it never really caught on here). One man who wishes to bring the PDA into the 21st century is an ex-Psion employee named Paul Pinnock who, with his partner, has apparently brought the Windows XP-powered MIDPhone to the west and rebranded it the PsiXpda. Being marketed as the successor to the Series 5, this guy doesn't have the RS-232 port, monochrome display, or twenty hours of battery life -- but with 3G, WiFi, and a 1.1GHz Atom processor, we ain't complaining. That said, the 2-4 hour battery life (depending on whether or not you're using 3G) is a little disheartening. For ordering info, hit the source link -- and prepare to feel about £500 (about $830) lighter.

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