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Sunsoft kicks off American return with Blaster Master on Virtual Console


Sunsoft is coming back, with the help of Victor Ireland's Gaijinworks. The publisher plans to bring its brand back to prominence initially by re-releasing classics. The first? Blaster Master on Virtual Console. Sunsoft plans to launch the NES action title this month.

Through its new website, the company plans to offer prizes and "exclusive, limited edition premiums," which reminds us of Ireland's former company, the swag-heavy Working Designs. More game launches will be announced soon. "This first Wii release is a great start," Ireland said. "But there is one upcoming announcement in particular that will demonstrate just how serious (Sunsoft CEO Kiharu) Yoshida-san is about rebuilding the Sunsoft console gaming brand here."

[Via NeoGAF, GameSetWatch]

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