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Tag your own wall with Jet Set Radio Future Wall Graphics


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LTL Prints is launching a line of removable, reusable wall decals featuring art from Smilebit's 2001 Xbox classic Jet Set Radio Future. Now you can be reminded that there hasn't been another Jet Set Radio game in years every time you look at your wall! The company and license were brought together by John Doffing, one of the original curators of the Into the Pixel exhibit.

The site features a wide selection of character art as well as posters and even a graffiti image or two, all available in the size of your choice -- up to 7 feet tall. Want to turn your office into a shrine to Inspector Hayashi? Or maybe have a horde of Poison Jam watching you eat dinner?

The company claims that the decals can be moved and replaced 100 times without damage to walls, so you can spend plenty of time deciding which room to adorn with Bis, Corn, and Yoyo. Preferably a room with speakers in it -- you'll want to play a continuous loop of Cibo Matto's "Birthday Cake" for effect.

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