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Verizon commits to 'newer' Android for Droid Eris with Google Maps Navigation in Q1 2010

Chris Ziegler

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HTC has pulled no punches about the fact that it intends to bring Heros up to Android 2.0 (or is that 2.1?) spec at some point, though neither Sprint nor Verizon had quickly followed on to assure customers that there'd be upgrades ready and waiting for their versions (sure, technically, the Droid Eris is a different internal HTC codename than the Heros of the world, but they're basically brothers from the same mother). Well, good news: Verizon has just announced that it'll be bringing the phone to a "newer" build of Android with integrated Google Maps Navigation for release in the first quarter of 2010. Since Google's nav app works on 1.6 now, that really doesn't give us much of a clue which version the Droid Eris can expect to see -- but seeing how we have leaked Hero firmwares running on 2.1 at this point, that'd seem like a probable target. With the Droid taking a baby step to 2.0.1 in the next few weeks, it seems at least possible that the shadow-dwelling Eris could end out ahead in the never-ending Android version game -- crazy how the world works, isn't it?

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