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WRUP: Another week, another weekend


What's the Massively crew up to in game this weekend? As usual, we're all over the map, trying to find the hours in the day to play every MMO out there. (Not that we have -- though we're working on exciting new technology that will add a twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth hour to the day, which will certainly help.) And as if current MMOs weren't enough, on the horizon we have exciting new games like Guild Wars 2 and Star Trek Online and... well, far too many others to list. So we'd best enjoy our free time while we have it, before the next generation of MMOs shows up to devour the rest of our idle hours. Now, for more of what the Massively team is playing -- and to let us know what you're playing -- read on!

  • Brendan Drain (@nyphur): The Dominion expansion has just gone live and I've been paying close attention to what's been going on post-expansion. Although I'm staying in my little wormhole system, I can see things are about to explode in 0.0. Meanwhile, I've discovered the Chronomagic feature in EverQuest 2 that lets you mentor down to a lower level without another player of that level. Running all the mid-level dungeons I liked with a slightly overpowered character is proving to be a lot of fun.
  • Dan O'Halloran: Diving further into the new LotRO Siege of Mirkwood expansion. Going to try out a few more Skirmishes and delve deeper into Mirkwood. Also finishing up my Lothlorien quests so I can get those out of my quest log.
  • Eliot Lefebvre: City of Heroes is rocking my world. There, I've said it. I also want to get my death knight in WoW up to Crusader status, and possibly screw around on the console for a bit. My new computer is due in a couple weeks, at which point I'm going to be playing new things like a fiend.
  • Krystalle Voecks (@Krystalle): I'll probably only get enough time to log into Fallen Earth and EVE Online to switch skills/crafting around and log out, if I get any at all. There are tons of real life parties, festivals, concerts, plays, and more to attend this weekend. I could use three or four of those LifeNet clones right about now. Just hold the TETRAX, thanks!
  • Kyle Horner (@Kylehorner): I'll be taking a weekend break from MMOs this week, but I'll probably be playing some King's Bounty and get some more reading done.
  • Rubi Bayer: I'm going to be diving into City of Heroes, and taking a second look at Champions Online. The new Guild Wars 2 trailer has renewed my interest in buffing up my Hall of Monuments as well, so I'll probably spend some time grinding that Kurzick title!
  • Shawn Schuster (@SSchuster): I'm approaching level 10 in Allods Online's CBT2, and level 12 on my new Fallen Earth alt (who might just replace my main). Other than that, it's the final week in DDO for the Choose my Adventure series, so we'll be sure to make it extra special.
  • Tracey John (@TraceyJohn): I'm catching up on e-mails sent during my recent vacation and still obsessed with Borderlands, though I want to dive back into LotRO if I get around to re-installing.
And now, loyal and true readers, it's time for you to tell us: what are you playing this weekend?

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