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Japanese hardware sales, Nov. 23 - Nov. 29: Unnatural edition

We just don't get it, folks. Usually, the purchasing habits of the Japanese gaming populace is formulaic and predictable -- when a console diminishes in size, its sales spike into the stratosphere. However, the gigantified DSi LL managed to retain its commanding lead in this week's chart, despite its newfound largeness. At the same time, the PSP Go, which is considerably smaller than its UMD-reading predecessor, continues to plummet to the bottom of the rankings.

Our world's been flipped, turned upside-down! If this one constant rule, which has proven itself true time and time again throughout the annals of history, can be so easily dismissed, what other laws of nature can we ignore? Gravity? Thermodynamics? That one law that prevents us from smashing open gumball machines and harvesting the candies within? That path leads to anarchy, friends. Delicious, chewable anarchy.

- DSi LL: 67,243 33,310 (33.13%)
- PS3: 46,558 11,806 (33.97%)
- Wii: 46,673 13,829 (42.11%)
- PSP: 38,839 6,087 (18.59%)
- DSi: 37,021 4,951 (15.44%)
- DS Lite: 7,268 2,217 (43.89%)
- PSP Go: 3,809 765 (16.72%)
- Xbox 360: 3,685 400 (9.79%)
- PS2: 2,057 33 (1.63%)

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