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Tomb Raider studio seeking multiplayer devs for 'AAA title development'


For the last few years, Crystal Dynamics has been pumping out nothing but Tomb Raider games. Normally we wouldn't lead a job listing post with such information, but when Crystal Dynamics says it's looking for developers who are "able to effectively create and lead the multiplayer vision and design effort," it gets us thinking that we could be tomb raiding with (against?) other actual human beings!

Considering this year's layoffs, we're not convinced that the developer could be working on another "AAA title" in addition to the Tomb Raider franchise. Given the leaked images of a "reboot" and assurance from Eidos "Life President" Ian Livingstone that Lara's next installment will "reinvigorate the franchise," we're pretty confident that Crystal Dynamics is hard at work on whatever the next game in the TR series will be. For now though, we have a job listing and plenty of educated guesses.

[Via CinemaBlend]

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