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2009 Spike VGAs to go without a host for the first year ever


Forget about your Samuel L. Jacksons and your Jack Blacks -- this year, the Spike Video Game Awards is totally going commando (if you're an awards show, "going commando" means without a host). Our sister site Big Download got worried recently when no host had yet been announced (the whole Joystiq Network was holding out for Shia LeBeouf), and got in contact with Spike TV to find out what was up.

"As of right now, we are going without a host, similarly to what we did for this year's Scream Awards," a representative said. A mess of presenters -- from Tony "I promise I won't talk about Ride" Hawk, to Mike "We're terrified and not making any more jokes" Tyson -- have been confirmed for the show, though it seems that none would step up to the host position.

You can catch us, like every year, liveblogging the event and cracking jokes from the comfort of our couches. It's almost like you're in our living room with us, except you don't have to wonder where that smell is coming from. Hooray!

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