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5 gifts for the iPhone owner


The iPhone owner on your list loves her iPhone. Really loves it. Become an enabler and give her the gifts she really wants. Here are five great gifts for the iPhone owner.

WallDock - $25

iPhones need frequent charging and it isn't always convenient to connect them to your Mac. If Apple's own wall unit doesn't float your boat, check out the WallDock from Digital Lifestyle Outfitters. It plugs into any US wall outlet for cable-free charging. The top is cushioned so it won't scratch your precious and it supports a slew of devices, from the iPod classic to the iPhone 3GS. If you're traveling this season, just pop one in your bag and go.

Vaja ivolution case - $200 and up

Two hundred bucks for an iPhone case? It sounds crazy (especially if the phone cost you $99), but this is for the iPhone owner who has everything. Vaja's cases are hand-stitched one at a time from the customer's choice of leather. Select a different color for the upper and lower section, add a clip or a personalized engraving and be the envy of everyone at Gymboree. Or the target of their disdain. Either way, your iPhone will look good.

Kensington Windshield Car Mount - $39.99

Fumbling with the iPhone in the car can be dangerous, especially if you've got a turn-by-turn navigation app. Kensington's Windshield Car Mount attaches your iPhone 3G or 3GS securely and safely to your vehicle's windshield, amplifying the sound and placing it a comfortable viewing angle. If you don't want to use your windshield, the mount attaches just as easily to a vent. Finally, it includes 4 sets of swappable rubber inserts to fit 2G/3G/3GS iPhones with and without a case.

Powermat - $99

This will please the fastidious iPhone user on your list. The Powermat lets you wirelessly charge your handheld electronics, including the iPhone and iPod. When fitted with a special case (included with the Powermat), all you need to do to charge your iPhone is place in on the Powermat. You can even buy a special dock to rest on top. When charging is complete, it stops supplying power. Charge up to 3 devices at once. We'd like to get our hands on one of these ourselves.

BatRest Folding iPhone Stand - $3.99

Yes, the iPhone plays video but what good is that when it's flat on its back? Prop it up with the BatRest Folding iPhone Stand. The thin, tiny BatRest folds in half and can fit in a wallet's credit card slot for easy travel. As for durability, the manufacturers claim it can support a liter of orange juice! Finally, you can spread the base to find the best viewing angle.

There you have it, five gift ideas for the iPhone user. Now go make someone happy.

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