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Beaterator now keeping time on iPhone


Amateur songwriters and frequent impromptu freestyle rap battlers take note: the iPhone version of Rockstar's Timbaland-ized beat creation software, Beaterator, is now available from the iTunes App Store for $4.99. The iPhone release features a redesigned interface, of course, since the PSP version relied on futuristic "button" technology.

Other than that, it sounds similar to the original, though we don't know if it features everything from the PSP title: the press release announcing the product mentions that it features the ability to alter and add effects to sounds, as well as transposition and layering of loops. You can also upload your composition to the Rockstar Social Club!

What seemed like an interesting curiosity as a full-priced PSP game sounds a lot more impressive as a five-dollar download, doesn't it?

Beaterator ($4.99): Beaterator

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