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Chumbophone proves that even Chumby can go retro (and like it)

Darren Murph

For the seasoned DIYer, there's hardly anything that can't be done with a set of Chumby Guts. For a seasoned DIYer with a set of Chumby Guts, an old clock, a few brass horns and a Dremel tool, there's absolutely nothing -- save for spare time and determination -- standing between him / her and a homegrown masterpiece such as the one you're peering at above. Etsy member AbrahamBook's latest creation is a WiFi-enabled widget monster that is shoved within a half vintage, half steampunk-styled enclosure. The Chumbophone doesn't actually seem capable of making calls via the integrated horns, but we'd sure love to see a version that was. Not that we're trying to force any ideas down your throat or anything...

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