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Fallen Earth adds another distribution point with RealGames

When it comes to creating your own MMO, there are tons of things to think about: storyline, coding the project, what engine to use, writing out all the game's text, play-testing, bug testing, supporting a community and so much more. That's why we're really not surprised to see Icarus Studios & Fallen Earth, LLC embracing the heavy use of digital distribution as a method of getting Fallen Earth out to the public. Add to that their connection to partners like Steam, Direct2Drive and now RealGaming -- part of the RealNetworks group. It's not only cost-effective, but it additionally gets their game out in front of people who may not have seen their indie post-apocalyptic MMO otherwise.

Along with their connection to RealNetworks comes a tie to 650 partner sites such as GameStop, PC Gamer, and GameRiot. While it's unlikely we'll ever see Fallen Earth trial CDs roaming counter-tops in the wild, it's nice to know that if they ever get the urge to do so, the partnership that could help make that happen is now there. There's always more room in the apocalypse for fresh new clones!

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