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Iconfactory's Twitterrific charity toy auction closes today


The Iconfactory is giving you the chance to help a worthy charitable cause this holiday season, and own a rare collectible in the process. The company has placed an original set of 4 Vinyl Toy Prototypes of its Twitterrific icon mascot, "Ollie," up for auction on eBay. These figures, designed by StrangeKiss Art Toys, vary in color and style, and include the first production run model -- meaning you will own one before anyone else. The auction bundle also includes a $250 gift certificate for merchandise.

The deal is that all proceeds from this auction (at about $300 this morning) will benefit the American Cancer Society. In addition, the Iconfactory will be contributing up to $500 of its own money for the cause. If that doesn't warm your heart, you might be the Grinch... in which case you probably have no interest in Twitter or toys. Those of you with hearts not three sizes too small may go bid on these items.

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