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This Wednesday: XBLA gets its Qix ++ [update: screens]


Update: We've unearthed some screens of the PSP version, courtesy of Game Watch. There may be some difference between it and the XBLA version, but they'll probably look pretty similar. Peruse them in the gallery below.
Microsoft's Major Nelson has announced that Qix ++ is headed to Xbox Live Arcade this week. Apart from the price (800 / $10), that's really all we know. The "++" in the title might be a clue, though, given that Jeff "Why'd you buy Frogger" Minter seems to have an affinity for throwing plus signs at the end of retro game titles. It's also worth noting that Minter worked on the XBLA version of Space Invaders Extreme which, like Qix, is a Taito (via Square Enix) game. For now, with no assets of the game available, you'll have to settle for a video of the original Qix posted after the break.

In other news, the Xbox Live Deal of the Week is Rock Band DLC, specifically No Doubt's The Singles 1992-2003 album. The DLC has been discounted from 1600 ($20) to 1200 ($15).

Shortcut: Download The Singles 1992-2003 []

Gallery: Qix ++ (PSP) | 26 Photos

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