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Viewtiful Joe's Kamiya would 'like to finish' series, won't henshin-a-go-go back to Okami


Hideki Kamiya, creator of the forthcoming Bayonetta, would be up for making a sequel to his stylish side-scroller Viewtiful Joe if given the opportunity, according to a report by Game Informer. Not so much for Okami, though, which he'd wanted to revisit until he learned Capcom was making Okamiden for DS. "I heard the announcement that someone else would be making a sequel," he told the magazine. "Now I'm just not interested in it anymore."

Kamiya, who left Capcom along with Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and other key staffers to form the now-defunct Clover Studio, doesn't retain the rights to any of the IPs he created at either company -- but nevertheless feels that the story of Viewtiful Joe "is incomplete," adding "I'd like to finish it someday."

While that's probably a long shot, Kamiya has already proven he's a man full of amazing ideas, which we'll hopefully see many more of after Bayonetta -- a game he could very well make a sequel to -- is released in the US on January 5.

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