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Corehound Pups in the mail with patch 3.3 [Updated]


My level 23 Gnome Warrior, whom I have not logged onto in years, got a Corehound Pup in the mail after the servers came back up. He is as adorable as a corehound pup could possibly be. But why did I get him? What's he for?

It appears that several other staff members have gotten the pups in the mail. Some characters have them, some don't. There doesn't seem to by any rhyme or reason behind which characters get them.

We are researching this further, of course, and will keep you up to date. No word from Blizzard yet about this, however.

Did you get a Corehound Pup, too?

Video Update 5:25pm: Video above and screenshot is after the break.
Update 4:39pm:
Blizzard confirmed that the Corehound Pup pet is for Authenticator users.
Updated: He (they?) throws a bone in the air and catches it, rolls over and digs a hole in the ground.

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