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Dragon Age: Origins patched once again


Already a great game, Dragon Age: Origins is getting incrementally better as BioWare just announced Patch 1.02 for its sprawling RPG. None of the fixes contained within the new download are huge -- more tweaks than anything -- but if you've found, say, dagger damage to be a bit low when using a character with high dexterity, or if you're plagued by too many health poultices, this patch should please you.

In addition to a long list of minor cross-platform fixes, there's an extra list of fixes that it makes to the PC version. This corrects one problem that could be a big deal: "Creating a character in a custom module did not create a folder for saves. This could result in corruption of main campaign saves. This no longer occurs." Celebrate by playing the main campaign -- and then saving!

[Thanks, Samuel!]

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