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Japanese Nintendo downloads: Kappa Michi, Final Fight 3, more


Another ridiculous overload of content today on the Japanese Wii and DSi Shops. Not so much in WiiWare, whose only release this week is The Incredible (and incredibly avoidable) Maze, but Virtual Console and DSiWare are absolutely stuffed with games!

Weirdly, there are two map-based puzzle games on DSiWare. One, Map Map! is a series of puzzle, and the other, Sekai Tanken Kokki World Map, is a quiz game. Also available: a cute puzzle game from the G.G. Series, in which you drop blocks to build a path for a character, a mini version of Paint by DS, more Jake Hunter, and a really cute game from Mother 3 developer Brownie Brown about leading a kappa along paths of coins.

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