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John Woo: Stranglehold movie still coming, another game less likely


Legendary action film director John Woo hasn't given up on a movie adaptation of Stranglehold, the game he made with Midway as a sequel to his Hong Kong bullet ballet classic Hard Boiled. In an interview with Cinematical, Woo was quick to note, "We are going to make that into a movie" when the topic of the game came up.

When the topic of making another, different game was broached, Woo -- whose latest film, Red Cliff, saw theatrical release Stateside November 22 -- said that he doesn't currently have any plans to, for obvious reasons. "I don't have that much time, even though I want to make one again," he said, "But for the moment, I also am producing two movies. One is shooting in Taiwan. One is shooting in Shanghai. So I am quite busy these days."

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