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Maplock chains GPS unit to steering wheel, dares thieves to interfere

Darren Murph

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Remember The Club? Sure you do. We can't say that Who-Rae's Maplock is destined to become just as goofy in the pop culture scene, but it's certainly one of the more absurd peripherals that we've seen this year. Put simply, this contraption provides a locking mount for your navigation unit and a presumably snip-proof cable that locks around one's steering wheel. We suppose the point here is to easily show pondering thieves that they should probably select another vehicle to jack, but the easier solution is to figure out a mounting setup that doesn't involve suction cup residue. For those who'd rather be safe than sorry, the Maplock can be procured for right around $50 -- just be prepared for all sorts of jeering from your car club mates. Vid's after the break, vaquero.

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