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PS3 firmware 3.15 to add PSP Mini support, simplified console migration


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Didn't the PS3 just get a firmware update? Something about posting all your hard-earned trophies onto your Facebook page? Yes, that sounds right. If you thought that was a big deal, wait 'til you get a load of this: According to the European PlayStation blog, yet another firmware update is imminent. And this one is pretty sweet -- seems that not only will console owners now be able to play PSP Minis, but if you've already bought a Mini for your portable and wish to play it on your PS3, you'll be able to download it to your console for free. Also included in the 3.15 update is a simplified utility for transferring data from one PS3 to another. Pretty great, right? Gamers, be sure to hit the source link for the deets.

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