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See Faith, See Faith Jump in Mirror's Edge iPhone trailer

If you were wondering what the world of Mirror's Edge would look like from a side-scrolling, out-of-body perspective, your answer can be found in the above trailer for the platformer's iPhone port. Though the handheld obviously lacks the processing power of the 360 and PS3, the game still manages to retain the first installment's crisp visual aesthetic. Also, there's a lot of roof-jumping, which we remember being pretty prevalent in the home console version of the game.

However, the video still doesn't clarify how the original game's fairly complex control scheme will port over to the iPhone. "See, to scale this wall, you do a quick tap, then a tappity-tap, and then half a tap, and then you shake your iPhone violently. No, no, half a tap. How are you not getting this?"

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