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Smithsonian exhibit 'The Art of Video Games' opens in 2012


From March 16, 2012 until September 9, 2012, the US's popular Smithsonian museum will be showcasing something patrons aren't used to seeing in such an environment: video games. Sure, we've seen video game art exhibitions before, but the Smithsonian exhibit will attempt to be "the first to examine comprehensively the evolution of video games themselves as an artistic medium."

The exhibit, The Art of Video Games, will feature game footage, video interviews with artists and game developers, a history of game consoles and even a few consoles for visitors to play. The museum will also welcome suggestions from attendees and tap Chris Melissinos as guest curator for the exhibit. Our first suggestion for the Smithsonian: hit up Krix for some of his amazing props.

[Thanks, MowDownJoe]

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