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Sony Motion Controller patent features swappable buttons, connectors


If you're excited about finally having a waggle wand for your PS3, but wondering how weird plastic add-ons might fit into the activities, these patent images reveal that Sony is thinking about all that and more. And by "more" we mean: things that might actually be kind of useful.

While the designs detailed in this patent application aren't necessarily being considered for the retail release, they're at least an indication of what ideas have been thrown around for the Playstation Motion Controller. Considering that the patent was filed in April, well before the prototypes we've seen were produced, we do have our doubts about many of these illustrations being worked into the final model.

Several methods are shown for turning the Motion Controller into a Dual Shock-esque device, from an inconspicuous bar through the middle of two wands, to a weird handle with buttons on it that snakes around and connects to the top of the wand. Another image shows two Motion Controllers connected at the bottoms, forming what kind of looks like handlebars. Perhaps most enticing (especially if it's used): removable faceplates, allowing players to choose from buttons, a d-pad or a dial for the front of the controller.

[Via Kotaku]

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