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Yakuza 3 heads west in March 2010


As fans of Sega's Yakuza series (known as Ryu ga Gotoku in Japan) will quickly point out, the lengthy wait for localized versions is somewhat of a disorganized crime. With two PlayStation 3-exclusive installments already available in Japan (and a third on the way), Sega Europe's online community manager, Kevin Eva, offers an enthusiastic answer to the impatient question: "YAKUZA 3 IS COMING TO THE WEST." So enthusiastic, it seems, he's already busting some CAPS.

Writing on the European PlayStation Blog, Eva confirmed that Yakuza 3 will hit the US, Europe and Australia in March 2010, and emphasized the game's adherence to its cultural origins -- not to mention Sega's budget. "As part of the lengthy localisation work Yakuza 3 will feature full English subtitling," he wrote, "whilst maintaining the rich Japanese voice actors that bring an extremely engaging atmosphere to the game – this will no doubt please the purists out there!"

Plus, you wouldn't want to upset those rich Japanese voice actors by replacing them. Who knows how well they're connected?

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