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505 Games unleashing a Naughty Bear on PS3 and Xbox 360


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505 Games just announced a new game from Wet developer Artificial Mind and Movement -- and the protagonist is, well, artificial. Naughty Bear is pretty much exactly what we expected when we saw the trademark filed by A2M: a violent action game starring an animated, stuffed bear. Specifically, a stuffed bear who swears revenge on other jerk bears for failing to invite him to a party.

The goal in Naughty Bear is to scare, irritate, and, of course, hurt the other bears, racking up "Naughty Points" as you do and using weapons strewn about the game's 30 stages. The game will dole out more Naughty Points in response to more "deviant and maniacal" tactics. From the description, it sounds like Manhunt with teddy bears. It's going to be a polyester stuffing-bath.

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