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First three PixelJunk titles bundled for $20, Shooter gets a new trailer

On the eve of the launch of Q-Games' latest super-stylish opus, PixelJunk Shooter, the studio's president, Dylan Cuthbert, decided to drop a new trailer for the title on PlayStation.Blog. We've posted it above -- as you can clearly see, it contains all of the requisite elements to fulfill the game's moniker: There's pixelated enemies, a great deal of of shooting, and plenty of junk to aim the aforementioned shooting at.

The blog post also contained good news for thrifty fans of the franchise -- on Dec. 22, Q-Games will bundle PixelJunk Eden, Monsters and Racers together into a single $19.99 bundle. Sounds like a pretty sweet package if you're hoping to receive a new PS3 from ol' Saint Nick this holiday season.

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