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MacBook inhabits a Linksys router after ill-advised casemod


Apple products are known far and wide for their design. Linksys products, on the other hand, are not. That's why this latest laptop mod strikes us as a little odd. When a technically-proficient gentleman named Tyler wanted to get his hands on "a working, genuine" Mac as cheaply as possible, he did what any self-respecting (and frugal) geek would do: he scrounged New Egg and eBay for MacBook parts. Why he would then turn around and cram 'em into an old router is, quite frankly, beyond us. Had he asked, we would have suggested something a bit more classy: perhaps a flashing pyramid? Why not a Timex Sinclair ZX81? Or maybe even a toaster? That said, this achievement -- while puzzling -- certainly seems to have been pulled off with not a little technical skill. If you're curious to see how it all went down (including copious step-by-step pics) hit the source link. And prepare to scratch your head in wonderment.

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