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Sony Ericsson J10 coming to the GreenHeart range?

Chris Ziegler

As a general rule of thumb, we'd say that whenever you hear rumors of an Android-powered candybar with a numeric keypad, it's probably going to end in tears. Such might be the case with Sony Ericsson's codename "Susan," a device originally thought to accompany the X10 in the company's brand-spanking-new Android line but now apparently thought to be a simpler QVGA dumbphone coming to market as the J10 with WiFi and a 5 megapixel cam with flash. Not as exciting, no -- but the good news is that the phone should come in as a member of the GreenHeart line, meaning that it'll probably be made of eco-friendly materials and get packed in with an ultra-low or zero-power draw charger (when there's no phone attached, anyway). No word on pricing or release just yet.

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