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Facebook gains iTunes gift card feature just in time for Christmas


The 350 million users of popular social networking site Facebook now have another application they can benefit from -- the ability to purchase iTunes gift cards for other Facebook users.

This timely functionality, reports The Loop, will let Facebook fans use the familiar interface to purchase and send iTunes gift cards in US$5, $10, $15, $25, and $50 denominations. The interface allows users to select a date on which the gift card will be delivered, meaning that you could theoretically do all of your birthday shopping for the next few years in one Facebook session, and then let Facebook do all the hard work of remembering birthdays and hoildays.

There are six different card designs available at this time, including two holiday cards, two birthday cards, and two generic "any occasion" cards. As with other Facebook apps, you must approve the app and let it have access to your profile information. Unfortunately for international Facebook users, the app is only valid for the U.S. iTunes store at this time.

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