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Breakfast Topic: What kind of PuG are you?

Matthew Rossi

Let's face it: with rare exceptions, good or bad Pick Up Group dungeon experiences usually have very little to do with the dungeon itself. Last night, for instance, I dropped in on two back to back PuGs as a tank and had solid runs in both cases. But the first run was a silent zerg fest that was only notable in its grim, stormtrooper like efficiency as we basically chain pulled the entire Nexus in silence. Admittedly, as tank, I set the pace, but no one complained as I charged from pack of mobs to next pack of mobs, never stopping for mana and saying nothing. It was as if five inexorable gods had come to visit doom upon the poor inhabitants of Malygos' once-proud fortress. Keristraza was dead within 32 seconds of her release. (No, I didn't actually time it, but it was pretty fast.) We parted ways without much fanfare, all loot sharded and in our bags.

For contrast, the Drak'Tharon Keep run that I did immediately after was a lot more fun. The healer told a continuous stream of awful jokes and kept informing us that she'd never been there before. The enhancement shaman was directionally challenged. I pulled King Dred with all of his adds just to see if I could hold them (I did, but it was pretty hairy even in full TotGC gear) and the druid kept asking me questions about tanking, as he or she wanted to start doing it. ("Uhm... hit swipe a lot? I don't know much about druids.") The second run wasn't as fast or ruthlessly overgeared, but it was a lot more fun.

So what kind of PuG's are you seeing? What has your experience been so far?

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