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ITG xpPhone shown off in green, and yes, you can have a different color

Chris Ziegler

This isn't the first time we've seen what would appear to be an xpPhone dummy in the wild paired with a mocked-up display; that honor would go to a Computex debut earlier this year. What these new shots of ITG's Windows XP-powered wonder do demonstrate, though, is what a MID-turned-smartphone looks like with a lick of moss green painted around the edges. It's not really our style, to be honest -- and fortunately, it seems that ITG will be offering the production device in white, red, black, or silver (on top of a limitless array of 3G options, display sizes, and operating systems), but heck, we'd be happy taking it in ochre if they'd just promise a reasonably-priced release in the next century.

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