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ODROID, the Android gaming handheld, now shipping to Android gaming developers (video)

Tim Stevens

Did you get your ODROID order in promptly when they went up for pre-sale back in September? Hope so, as the first lucky developers should be getting theirs any day now. Just 300 units of the 833MHz handheld are shipping, including the various cables, additional hardware, and documentation needed to start filling the thing with fun games that look an awful lot like other games, but totally aren't. One of the first is Speed Forge 3D (which totally isn't Wipeout), shown after the break exhibiting some laggy accelerometer-based controls -- but 720p output via HDMI sure is sweet. Orders are still being accepted at $349, said to be shipping in roughly five days, meaning if Santa logs into his PayPal account quickly enough you might still find one of these under your tree.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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