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One Shots: Someday, Dominion

With the recent changes to the graphics in Dominion, we have several screenshots for EVE Online that aren't entirely an accurate representation of what the universe looks like any longer. Nonetheless, this one isn't too far off since it doesn't have any of those older planets in it. Today's older but still lovely image comes to us from Trypton Fungi, who writes:

The long reaches of space in New Eden often provide torment and turmoil, yet one can always find a slice of tranquility to swing perspectives back into balance. In times like these you may find that even the simplest things in life are more than enough. Life may be short, but there is always time. Take a moment from the chaos to smell the 'roses' once in a while... Ok, that's enough time! Now get your ass back on the move because every other pilot in EVE loves to feast upon 'Sitting Duck a la Pew Pew' just as much as you do!

If you're one of New Eden's devoted pilots, why not grab a screenshot of your favorite part of EVE Online and send it our way? Just mail it in to oneshots [at] massively [dot] com, and be sure to include your name, a description, and whatever other details about the image that you'd like to. We'll post it out here and give you the nod.

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