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The Queue: What red totem u have

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Patch 3.3 is just awesome. The new Dungeon Finder means that not only are you able to run dungeons faster and easier than ever, but you also get the dubious honor of running into any of the myriad crazy people that play this game. Some of those crazy people are me (see above). And, for somebody else, the crazy people might just be you.

Speaking of the Dungeon Finder, we've got an actual topical question for The Queue today. Everybody gather 'round by the fireplace, grab some cocoa, and be educated.

Spriesty asked...

I have a question. Is the new looting system working as intended? I was surprised to see in a group the other night a person win DE mats over a person greeding for an off-spec. So what, we all have to need now, even if it's off-spec, and then trade if needed??

It actually is working as intended! Greed and Disenchant rolls are considered the same roll in terms of priority. This can muck with your attempts to get a specific piece of offspec gear, yes -- so if you know an item drops off of a certain boss that might be offspec for you, just say so ahead of time and ask your party to be considerate.

Hailjh asked...

If you use the Dungeon Group Finder and get a good cross-realm group you like, can you opt to chain run heroics with that group? If so how does that work?

Yes! All that you have to do is have your party leader queue you for another random heroic once you've successfully completed your current one. It should be instantaneous.

Oddly, a lot of groups I've gotten don't seem to know this -- they just disband immediately when the instance is over.

VSUReaper asked...

I was told by a friend that you have to run all 3 of the new 5 mans once to be attuned for the ICC raid, but another friend said the opposite. Which is it?

There is no attunement for Icecrown Citadel. A fresh 80 could walk in if they so desired. It would, of course, be a short visit, though.

Scunosi asked...

Speaking of names and such, I once tried to /w a friend of mine but I made a typo. Instead of him just receiving the typo'd message, I got a message saying that that speech was reserved. Any idea what this means?

This means that there was a phrase or series of letters in the chat you sent that's blocked by the spam filter in-game. Usually they have to do with gold-selling or power-leveling sites. This is why you can't say "my favorite author is Charles Bukowski" or "my talbuk owns," as reader Kia pointed out. As a former talbuk, I rallied to get that one changed, but alas.

Letharginator asked...

Does anyone know of a good add on that takes advantage of the new option to get a list of your completed quests?

I know EveryQuest can give you a list of what you've completed, but I'm looking for something that will show me on my map where quest givers are.

As of 3.3, QuestHelper has an option to track questgivers on your map that have quests you've not yet acquired/completed.

Dodgeballer2005 asked...

About tier 10: Does it drop off VoA's new boss too? The Ice Watcher? Or will there be seperate gear?

Like every other previous Vault of Archavon boss, Toravon will drop Tier 10 legs and gloves.

Alpha5099 asked...

Lore Question: What is the status of the Draenei's mortality? I've definitely seen some sources treat them as immortal, although I don't know if this is just speculation or if there's anything to back this up. There are definitely some incredibly long-lived Draenei: Velen is the most obvious example, but there are some others, like Jessera in Blood Watch who was also alive before the corruption. Are they exceptional, or is it safe to assume that a large number of Draenei are pushing quintuple digits?

All draenei are immortal unless killed. Velen's pushing ten thousand years, as I recall.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column! Leave your questions in the comments and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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