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Vertu V makes no concessions: $730 BT headset, $490 card reader, and $330 ballpoint pen

Ross Miller

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Because nothing says "I ain't afraid of no recession" like plopping down an excess amount of Benjamins for a Bluetooth earpiece, Vertu has unveiled its V accessories collection. $780 gets you a Bluetooth 2.1-compliant earpiece with 6 hours of charge time (same one we saw hit the FCC recently, we suspect), $490 for a USB memory card reader that as a consolation prize comes with a 2GB microSD card, and as for the ballpoint pen, asking price is a cool $330. For all three purchases, it's recommended you purchase the special leather case for protection -- and if these gifts are already comfortably in your price range, hey, why not?

[Thanks, Shayjd]

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