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Video of Anarchy Online's new engine uncovered


It's a rough cut and it's short, but this YouTube video shows something many people have been eagerly anticipating -- the updated graphics engine for Anarchy Online.

Anarchy Online, Funcom's first foray into the MMO genre, is still running after 8 years of history and evolving storyline. While the game has been running on a free to play model for quite some time now, that's not stopping the team at Funcom from giving it the new graphical polish it deserves. And, trust us when we say this, they need a spit shine on this old engine. Just look at the game's graphics when we recently revisited it for ReSubbed.

The graphics engine update is still without a release date, but hopefully with this video evidence being released the update won't be too far in the future. You want to see it? Well we've embedded it right after the break for you.

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