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Allods Online extends closed beta and we have more keys!

Shawn Schuster

That's right. The upcoming game that is just beginning to catch the eye of the MMO blog-o-sphere (and we loved first -- just sayin') has extended their second North American closed beta by another week (December 21st), and we have 2,000 more keys to get you in. This stage of their beta features six new zones: two new zones for the League, three new zones for the Empire, plus an exclusive zone only available to the Warden archetype. There will also be a new diverse set of enemies (Massive Drakes, Harpies, Scorpions, and Arctic Yetis), and a level cap to Level 20.

To get your key, head on over to our giveaway page and follow the directions there. If our other Allods Online key giveaways are any indication, these will most certainly go fast. Best of luck!

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