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CCP Games declares exploit in EVE's new Sovereignty system

James Egan

CCP Games has made some sweeping changes to how players claim and contest territory in EVE Online, with the recently-launched Dominion expansion. These changes haven't been without issue, however, and a significant problem with the new Sovereignty Blockade Units (SBU) has arisen. SBUs are anchored by attackers at stargates in a solar system belonging to the territory-holding alliance and disrupts the control of the Sovereignty holder, providing opportunities for attackers to usurp the space holding alliance. Issues with the SBUs prompted the devs to declare an exploit over the weekend. EVE's Community Manager CCP Wrangler stated:

"An issue has been discovered that makes outposts and infrastructure hubs vulnerable to attacks without the attacker having adequate Sovereignty Blockade Unit (SBU) coverage in the system. Attacking outposts and/or infrastructure hubs without adequate Sovereignty Blockade Units in the system is an exploit and any incidents will be dealt with accordingly. Situations where attackers have the proper SBU coverage are not subject to this rule. The problem is under repairs and will be fixed as soon as possible. We thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter."

Although there may not be a great deal of that 'understanding and patience' in the forum thread connected with the exploit, players from various nullsec alliances are weighing in with their views on Dominion's changes to Sovereignty thus far.

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