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Ford's SYNCMyRide app forgives you for your lame phone, transfers contacts to your car

Chris Ziegler

Bluetooth connectivity between phones and SYNC-equipped Fords is nothing new, but the problem is that a good number of handsets out there in the wild don't support phonebook download (seriously, check the compatibility chart) which means you can't dial names by voice -- and what's the fun in calling anyone if there isn't at least a small chance of your car confusing "Dad" for "Vlad"? That's where Ford's all-new SYNCMyRide comes into play, an app for Windows and Mac machines that'll take the names and numbers (up to 2,000) off your lame vintage handset and stick 'em on a USB drive; from there, you just plug the drive into your SYNC's port and kick off an upload. It's compatible with every SYNC-equipped car on the road today, so we've hooked you up with a link to go grab it -- but only begrudgingly, since we'd obviously love to see you upgrade to a better phone instead.

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