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Motorola Zeppelin outed as the XT800 for China Telecom -- US getting it, too?

Chris Ziegler

Even though Motorola's only officially announced a small handful of devices that run Android so far, this much is clear -- the company was dead serious about going all-in on the platform because we're seeing new leaked hardware practically every time we look. This time around, it's a clearer view of the Zeppelin, which turns out to be coming to market on China Telecom as the XT800. It looks like it could be a sharp-looking handset, borrowing design elements of the Instinct HD and featuring both GSM and CDMA radios for compliance with Telecom's up-and-coming 3G network. What makes this juicier, though, is the fact that alternately identifies the Zeppelin as the Titanium, a device we'd just seen in the FCC with EV-DO Rev. A last week. That leads us to believe we could see this bad boy on Sprint or Verizon in the near future -- and with an HDMI output in this thing, 2010 is shaping up to be a great year for high-end Android gear.

[Thanks, Vitala]

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