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The Daily Grind: Here comes your nineteenth system meltdown

Eliot Lefebvre

We play enough games on the computer to know better than your average user. We're fully aware that the machine doesn't hate us, for one thing. But we sometimes turn it on, and suddenly find that our graphics card has decided to turn into a miniature sun within the plastic case, melting all of our valuable components into a reasonably-sized dinner plate at a time when we can't really drop the thousand-odd dollars on a new machine. Thus begins the process of pulling things out, confirming that they're dead, calling tech support and being told that you should buy a new computer, and you wondering where your pleasant evening has gone.

Perhaps you didn't find your computer going nova. Maybe it decided to just fail to boot for no reason, necessitating a hard drive replacement. Or perhaps it was your connection erupting in a shower of failure followed by a string of support techs claiming to dispatch new people and lying. Whatever the case, in a hobby that seems to be constantly subject to a particularly draconic form of Murphy's Law, we ask you: what's the worst meltdown you've had? Was it the most costly to fix, the most inopportune time, or just frustrating and stressful for some other reason?

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