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Cygnus X1 PC casemod mixes otherworldly design, old world charm


We've seen plenty of PC casemods that look more like a traditional piece of furniture than a computer case, and plenty that take a decidedly more modern approach, but we haven't seen many that combine the two as effectively as this so-called Cygnus X1 built by Attila Lukacs. As you may notice, the top of the case bears a striking resemblance to some of Alienware's latest rigs, but it seems that might not be the source of Atilla's inspiration, as he actually started building the case way back in 2008. Of course, the real eye-catcher is that beautiful, hand carved wood casing (made West Australian Jarrah), which actually swings open on both sides -- no small feat when each panel weighs about ten pounds. Eager to see more? Then hit up the link below for a thorough account of the complete build process.

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