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Fallen Earth free trials are back in time for the holidays

Shawn Schuster

Just last week on our Fallen Earth/Wild West MMO article, many of the commenters were looking for a Fallen Earth free trial. Now we're happy to announce that the Fallen Earth team is offering a 10-day free trial straight from their main site. In addition, they're also offering a 20% discount (now $39.99 USD) on all purchases of the game through their online store.

Of course the timing on this promotion is well-timed with their newest Social patch and holiday event. "We've made the process of accessing Fallen Earth much easier for players," said Jessica Orr, marketing manager for Fallen Earth. "With the addition of the free trial, we'd like to invite everyone to join in the Fallen Earth holiday festivities!"

So if you're interesting in sampling the wasteland excitement, head on over to their free trial page and try it out for yourself!

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